blogging is hard enough

heres the hard thing about blogging: keeping it real. 

we live in polite society.

we also live among humans and humans love gossip. 

so on your blog you can either have no friends no job no life and 100% keep it real on your amazing blog and be perez hilton – and noone wants that

or you can say nothing in heres true but still withhold like 99% of your life

or you can somehow tip toe around everything and attempt to make general stories that could apply to anyone. but seriously how many of us are the Brothers Grimm? 

so when your blog cms changes and you cannot revert back safely, you feel as though you were already floating in space, but now you have been detached from the space ship. 

its just you and your suit against the world. and you may stop breathing soon.

which is exactly what they want you to think.