what if it just blooms inside you

what if theres nothing you can do

what if its in your jeans and your shorts and socks and stinky sneakers

and the older you get the more likely it’s gonna happen

and all the romantic poets who died in their 30s avoided it for the most part but not you, its gonna get you?

i feel the same way about the Big One, it’s gonna happen. the earth is gonna shake.

your only hope is it happens when youre at Wrigley instead of in Malibu

your only way out is if youre in vegas with a big nasty redhead (amber wears wigs in vegas)

otherwise its dunzo cuz theres gonna be floods fire and famine

all the roads gonna be packed and people are gonna jump on the boats in the marina and try to escape

but the waves are gonna turn into tsunamis and is drowning the way you wanna go?

the only way to survive is to be in Paris

on top of old smokey

cuz theres nothing you can do

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