today we went to a fancy mansion

some say it’s the largest home in all of beverly hills. some say it has 54 rooms.

i say, thats a lot of rooms for a single family with five kids in the late 1920s.

it was super cool. we were on a special visit. the people gave us an amazing tour that included the secret bowling alley and hidden bar.

the grounds are used for weddings a lot.

amber does this funny thing where she says i dont want to get married but if i did i would want to do it… and invite…. and honeymoon in….

so yesterday i told her the story of mick and jerry and how happy they were when they were not married and how they broke up almost as soon as they got hitched and i showed her pictures and i thought i had convinced her

until we visited the largest home in beverly hills and the gardens where even famous people have been married in. with its sweeping views of LA.

and i whispered, never forget mick and jerry

and she said, never forget john and yoko

and i whispered, that was his second marriage…