when did people start being afraid of what they write

so many are so fearless about so much but it sure seems like writers are so afraid, but why

is it because our imaginations run and run and can think about all the possibilities – with special emphasis on the negative outcomes.

but they dont happen.

for years before i worked at the Times i wondered, what if they read this and think im insane and dont hire me? but not only didn’t “they” read it, they couldnta cared less. they barely read LAist which was 100x more popular

and wild. and fun. and at times embarrassing.

all the things you should be afraid of showing a prospective employer. but that was the thing we talked about the most.

finally got some sleep last night. the issue with this secret project is you can do it all day and all night and one thing just leads to another

its never ending. and fascinating.

i want a tommys burger now.