i had a good day, praise God

i dont know how much free will we have. but heres my guess.

when i was a kid they had electric slot cars that you could get from the sears catalogue for like $50-$60

which was a lot of money in those days. a house cost a nickel.

the thing about these slot cars were you could go fast but if you took it too hard around the corners they would fly off into the dining room and you had to go get em and put em back

i think God sees us fly off sometimes and he’ll put us back when he sees fit

or maybe not at all if he’s tired with your triflin ass.

for a week i was nervous about today and i thought i was gonna spiral off in a way

that would have me inconvenienced, lets say, for the rest of the year.

but that wasnt the case at all.

my weird little whip around the corner was fun, oddly.

and afterwards i picked up the pretty girl. drove her home.

she wanted to work on this thing shes doing. so i went back to burbank

and watched Dumbo in iMax and it was good.

so thank you Lord!