theres a couple days i always remember

may 11 is my first girlfriends birthday. mary. i’ll never forget her birthday and i dont think i have forgotten her phone number either. 528-1722?

those were back in the days where you didnt need area codes. those were back in the days that when a girl held your hand at the movies it was the coolest thing ever.

those were back in the days where a giant farm divided you from the fantasy girl of your dreams so you just called each other on the phone and talked for hours and hours.

when i first got her number i wrote notes before i called. even then, my biggest fear was boring people.

i liked her so much i lied.

i would tell her the dumbest lies like oh yeah im in a band. i play guitar.


finally when i fessed up i promised that id never lie again. and ive done a pretty good job with that.

she moved to california. and look at me. less than a year later i had moved to california. and ive never thought twice of moving back.

anyways happy birthday mary, whereever you are. i hope things are good.