sometimes you just have to go to palm springs

and get one of those rooms that has a fireplace next to the tv

and a patio with another fireplace

overlooking one of 122 pools, and 121 hot tubs

you should get there before traffic gets busy

and before it gets too hot out there

and before your gf no longer can get that room there for peanuts

you should

then you should go to trader joes and get her salad mixins

bubbly water, fine cheeses, chocolate

and some mexicokes

you should also probably go to the in n out and get a double double with a chocolate swirl shake

and if someone asks how you gonna pay for all this

you should say shhhhhh shhhhhh

cuz sometimes you just should

sometimes you should just let life be life and death be death and all the things in between just be more in between days, mr smith go east, man

we wont always be here. we wont always be poor. we wont always be rich, we might not always be together

but right now we are

and right now the things are nice and the baby lizards climb the white walls outside skirting this way and that

with the sun peeking out behind fluffy clouds, birds darting from one palm tree to another

and the toughest thing you gotta think about all day is

whats the perfect record to play

hey siri, what should i play?

hey siri, did i pack my razor?

hey siri how long does it take for shorts to dry because i didnt pack my swim trunks

hey siri are there jobs out here cuz this is super nice.