my favorite magazine, black webmaster, dm’ed me

jacarandawait, are you really looking for a job?

yes, are you all hiring there?


thats ok.

how did you lose your job?

when the xbi wants you, things happen in their favor.

arent you a little old for the xbi?

i wish.

so what are you gonna do?

the way i see it, i have three options. sell out and go back to them, give up and move into my moms basement in chicago, or become a youtube star.

i hear it’s so cold in chicago that even the summers are cold now.

fool i aint going to my mommas basement.

so you’re going to rejoin the xbi?

no, im gonna be a youtube star.

do you know anything about video production, audio production, or video graphics? 

no. no. and no.

arent you a little too old to be a youtube star? 

nah, people of all ages do perfectly on youtube.

what’s gonna be your angle?

i’m going to walk around and talk to the people of LA.

you think people would want to watch that on youtube? aren’t podcasts the thing right now?

do i think people would want to see video of the most beautiful city in the world? is that what you asked me? and instead of letting them see it, all they get is my pretty voice?

there’s a lot of competition on youtube.

i fucking love competition.

who are you up against?

there’s three people who i wouldn’t say im up against, but people who i really like and i would know that i am successful if i am mentioned in the same breath as them

kevin nealon who goes hiking with celebs
179k subscribers

the hood russian who interviews people in the poorest parts of LA
190k subscribers

and alex from as it lays
2k subscribers

how are you gonna beat them?

pure luck, this time. it’s all gonna be based in luck.