killer idea that i’ll never do, so here you are

it’s called Exit Interview.

what you do is you build a facebook group of Yelpers. people who are totally used to reporting back at what they saw in great detail.

and one day you say, check it out, in a week, on this one particular day we are all going to go out in our neighborhoods at 10am and do this one thing, for one hour and then write about it. who’s in?

and every one who says theyre in refreshes the page and exactly at 9:30am theres a post on the page. something like this:

go to the motel closest to your house. wait for people to check out of the motel and as they are putting luggage into their cars tell them you’re part of a large group of facebookers who are asking these 5 questions to everyone leaving their motels right now. your names wont be used or your pictures. we just want you to be brutally honest.

then ask questions like, was the room clean, was it loud, what was the best feature, what was the worst feature and how much did it cost. something like that.

they do this for an hour trying to get as many people as they can get in that hour and go home and post the results and a picture of the place on the FB group.

can you imagine if you could get 1,000 people around the country to take a sample of something like that, that quickly?

my Howard Stern group has 17k people, if only 10 per cent of them did it it would be an enormous number.

but it could be done for italian restaurants, movies, rent a car places, bars, burger kings, nail salons, hospitals, any thing.

exit interview.

yr welcome.