i wrote a thing about the thing i went to yesterday

i love that i can talk to my boss and say omg i just saw a great show should i write about it?

and she says yes yes

but because my life is crazy i wasnt able to write it until the dawns early light.

but i do because i know i was gonna be super busy today

and when it’s published,  my mom says, omg it was like i was there.

which is something nice that moms say, but here is the video of the show


anyways today i got a ticket from a bad cop

and i told him he was a bad cop

so he increased the seriousness of the ticket

which is what a bad cop would do

and i cannot wait to fight the ticket

even though people never win these types of fights

but i want to fight, i dont care.

im pissed

you shouldnt ticket people for ticky tack things like “rolling stops” when you’re trying to get your girl to the hospital.

and you say you believe that. but you give the ticket anyways

and then the bonus punishment for saying he’s bad.

but whatever, when i die, people will say, tony kept it real.