do you know when it gets hardest

it gets hardest right before you break through

if it was easier at this part, there would have already been a path

some other chump would have kicked down the door.

but it’s there and it’s heavy and it’s solid

and it’s up to you to figure out how to get through it

or around it

or under it

or over it.

and in learning that trick, you can make it in the next levels and the next ones.

right now it’s hard. no doubt. maybe super hard.

but theres nothing that we cannot get through.

video games teach us that. every one of them do.

people say dont let kids play so many video games.

i say let them play them all.

but then quiz them about what they learnt.

and i dont mean “i learned you gotta go left right left up up down.”

i mean “i learned never give up. watch youtube, watch my friends, keep experimenting, dont be discouraged, take a deep breath. back up and Then run.”

all of these games are here for our use.

trust in the force.

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