had a very good day with amber today

it was her day off

but it was not mine. so for a long time in the day i was working on getting this kobe bryant piece up.

and fine tuning it, and reworking it.

still when it published there were typos.

of course.

then we had to jet across over to the Grove to interview a bunch of people.

that was not as easy as you think, but when people open up incredible things come out, so you dont need that many to talk to you.

just enough did.

and i learned that the oldest toy store in LA is in the Farmer’s Market,

and it’s beautifully stocked.

dude told me Nerf basketball is still very popular at his store.

then we went to in n out to have a cheap date nite

then we came home because i had to upload the pics from the Grove and do stuff with the audio,

and then i transcribed a few from another outing

then we drove over to CityWalk because i wanted to see Ford versus Ferrari because it was nominated for Best Picture

and I think Christian Bale was nominated and maybe Matt Damon too,

who knows but it started at 9:50pm so we went

learned an interesting thing, at that late hour they don’t charge you for parking.

saved $5 right there!

the movie was ok. nothing special. i mean i enjoyed learning a little about Shelby and Lee Iacocoa

and Les Mans

but whatever, glad i saw it, Adam Sandler was robbed.

then i came home and did a bunch more transcribing.

amber and i had a wonderful time hanging out together, something we rarely get to do it seems

and it was great.

i circled the date on the calendar

and put a star on it

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