i wish they could all be like this

last week it was decided that we should have an Oscar story or two, so all eyes were on me

and i thought of how hard it must have been to be the TV show’s main hype man

i mean there was Oscars So White, EnvelopeGate, Trumpsters hating host Jimble Kimble, there was Kevin Hart struggling between the cardinal rule of comedy (never apologize) and what the Academy asked him to do to remain host, and of course ratings of all tv shows sinking as people cut the cord

that PR person is an excellent man who no longer has that duty, Steve Rohr.

so i emailed him and asked him if he wanted to get the treatment, he agreed, and thursday we had lunch.

thursday night i transcribed it, wrote it, edited it and today it was published to a very warm welcome from the internet.

why? i think because we weren’t trying to make news or talk out of school, i just wanted people to know about his fascinating gig, and he was finally free to reveal all. plus, who better than someone like me to ask the questions since for years we worked on opposite ends of the same floor?

i was the right person because on one hand i did know some things, and saw some things, but on the other hand, i was in a different department involved in different assignments and priorities, so i was interested in being educated on certain things myself.

interviewing Steve reminded me of how in October i talked baseball with Jon Weisman who does publicity for Showtime. both men are so well spoken and clear. you transcribe what they say and it’s just as good as if they wrote and edited it before it came out of their mouths. very inspiring.

also, both of their memories are astoundingly accurate. names, dates, ages.

tomorrow im going to the grove to ask people questions. it wont be as easy because theyre strangers, but the good thing about strangers is they are more likely to tell you freakier things because they probably wont ever see them again and you dont know the same people.

in a turn of the tables, i was the one on the hot seat when Miss604 interviewed me about driving for Uber n Lyft.

apparently Vancouver has *just* okayed rideshare and she wanted to know what makes a good rider and i told her not just that, but lots of other tips too. so many she had to make it a two-parter.

part one

part deux

rebbecca took this incredible picture of me driving she and keira-anne around beverly hills almost exactly three years ago

her blog has always been one of my faves and vancouver is lucky that she has kept it rolling.

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