i wonder if everyone is like this

i am 53 years old and i still feel shocked when i do something well or someone calls me back or a pretty girl kisses me or i have a few nice things.

it’s like how Trump keeps talking about how many people voted for him. how he keeps that flawed electoral map on his desk.

did i really do that?

am i seriously the president?

i call my mom all the time telling her, i just did this, i just did that

in amazement.

sometimes i expect her to say, baby you’re the busblog, of course they want you at that party of course they wanna talk to you, of course these nice things happen to you: you’re nice. i raised a good boy!

also whats weird is i dont look at my actual accomplishments as big deals, it’s the little victories that mean so much.

tiny ones, like when people trust me, or confide in me, or treat me with respect.

those things dont happen to 17 year olds from the suburbs.

so when they happen to me, im blown away.

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