nothing in class was true

When i was in junior high i had an unreliable history teacher.

He was funny and entertaining but, ironically, like the History Channel on TV, he wasn’t all that accurate.

One of the things that he said was the reason we beat the British in the 1700s was because they stood in plain sight, in bright red uniforms, lined up in rows

And we hid behind trees, climbed buildings and “cheated” at the game of war.

It’s hard for me now to believe that if a man is shooting at you, you just stand there and reload your musket in your red uniform, but who knows, times have changed.

But it reminds me of Trump, the GOP and this impeachment that just went down.

Mitch McConnell may not be the smartest man, the most eloquent man, or the most principled person. But he knows how to hide behind a tree and cheat at war.

For those of you reading this in the distant future: those fuckers held a trial with no witnesses or evidence so their man could wiggle off the hook.

They didnt pretend to care about the constitution or the oath to God they had just sworn to uphold. They didn’t care that he was accused for something that is literally the buggarring of democracy. All they care about is living to see another day.

And right now in American politics, you’re more likely to get heat if you do the right thing than you will if you do the evil-but-politically-advantageous thing.

In a perfect world you’d get beaten down for letting a corrupt man off the hook to do it again, but life is far from perfect right now, Future people.