rotten tomatoes subtweets ftw

Today in corporate tweeting:

During a rally yesterday in Colorado, Vladimir Putin’s choice for U.S. President delivered a two-hour rambling monologue

where when he wasn’t insulting a teen trying to save the planet from climate change,

he ripped into the thousands of members of The Academy of Motion Pictures who awarded “Parasite” with several Oscars including Best Picture.

“Can we get, like, ‘Gone With the Wind’ back please?” he asked,

referring to the 71 year-old Best Picture epic set on a slave plantation

during the Civil War.

Can we have more four-hour-long movies about the good old days

when black people knew their place, had no freedom,

worked for free,

were bought and sold as property

during a violent time when the nation was tragically divided

over the abhorrent racist centuries-old American practice

of human bondage,

asked the recently impeached president.

His audience, unsurprisingly, cheered.

Trump acknowledged that he hadn’t seen the Korean film about a poor family’s relationship with a rich one.

The film’s studio tweeted that it was because “he can’t read.”

referring to the fact that the widely lauded movie has subtitles.

But the subtweet of the day came from Rotten Tomatoes, the film review aggregator,

who merely listed how overwhelmingly well-received Bong Joon-ho’s film was among critics

and the worldwide film community.

That tweet was a master class in shade.