dear log, the world is ending

if the Future is around still to read this,

currently we are in the middle of a pandemic, nbd

people are dying in italy and china and even here in the usa

terrible situation that has the entire bay area on lockdown

and here in LA they shut down the bars and told the restaurants they can only serve things to-GTFOH

which is fine.

amber was let off work early today so i got her and we drove straight home cuz you die if you get too close to anyone else.

i talked to the security guard across the street and then to my neighbor, but we all kept our distance from each other.

instead of meeting at this nutty coffee shop in echo park, today my work had our weekly meeting via the phone

and i basically said id write everything i can as much as i can all the time all night, but im mentally frazzled

because this isnt the way i expected things to go

which is fine.

but they are moving baseball to may, which is nuts, it’ll be july if theyre lucky

nba and nhl will probs go straight to the playoffs whenever that happens.

poor king james is 35, he really wanted to do it with the lakers but he might lose a step

unless he works his ass off erry day during this time out.

movie theaters are closed. amc said theyd suspend my account there temporarily which is fine cuz i pay a monthly fee to see the movies and i love it.

called my dentist cuz i have an appointment thursday and said i was cancelling and i asked the young lady if the dentist’s mom was there, she was, so we talked and i said, i convinced my mom not to work at the illinois elections, something she loves, what do i have to do to have you go home too?

this lovely woman is older than my mom.

she said, oh i feel good.

i said ok then.

and i told her how nice it always is to see her. which is true.

i kid about we are all gonna die because we are not, but everything is shut down and theres not a lot of food and finally today the president got his head out of his ass and started taking this seriously probably because the stock market sunk faster than even the worst day in 1927

and all he cares about is that scoreboard.

and today it did


say ice cube’s a pimp.

it said donald j asswipe done fucked up and keeps fucking up fuck him.

which is fine.

everythings fine.

this is fine.