dear children of the future

here we are now in the fourth or fifth week of

shelter in place.

youre not really supposed to go outside.

when you do you should wear a mask.

you shouldnt touch anything and when you do you should wash your hands

amber and i go to in n out about once or twice a week

its our big splurge.

my computer is dying which is sad because im one of half of the americans who still has a job and i earn my living from writing on a computer

so i bought a new macbook, air, which should arrive any day now.

it was scary to take that much of a financial investment but i look at it like this, if i was a guitar player id buy a Gibson SG and a nice marshall amp and that would set me back some.

then the other day the government direct deposited pretty much what the computer cost, so im just gonna put that money on the card and we’ll call it even.

now listen future children. politics and one or two right wing networks have planted the seeds of doubt into our fellow country men and women and they dont wanna sit inside any more to stop the spread of this virus.

they want to go back to work and school and doing all the things they were doing before this crazy thing happened

the silent killer i like to call it.

so these last few days theyve gotten outta their houses, climbed into their pickup trucks and what have you and theyve gathered with signs and flags and raised their fists in protest. which is what america is about.

but the weird thing is, they’re protesting science, not politics.

theres not one expert scientist or doctor who recommends leaving the house and getting too close to other people.

and these folks say well what about california, the governor said half of the citizens would get sick, they havent gotten sick which means this is all a hoax

a commie hoax

when they should be saying, well lookit that, staying at home, chilling out, getting money in the mail is actually working

doing nothing does something, fucking a.

it’s almost like theyre mad that it’s working.

damn you hippie science.

damn you nancy pelosi.

and future children,

thats why there aint no more GOP