heres the thing about newspaper owning billionaires

youre not allowed to criticize them

even if they keep sending their employees to the unemployment lines

or the retirement homes.

youre not allowed to count their money or question what they do with the paper

because everyone knows that newspapers in 2020 are money losing ventures

first it was craigslist, then, then facebook, the ways newspaper revenues dried up were death by a million cuts.

even though over there are over 2,000 billionaires, only a few of them have any interest in the news biz, and so you arent allowed to criticize those who do because omg what if they all say

fuck this shit.

but heres the thing about billionaires, and please correct me if i am wrong.

in order to achieve that title, you can’t really give a whole bunch of it away in annoying ways like salaries and health insurance and matching 401ks.

im sure there was a bit of a twinge today when the richest man in LA signed the paperwork that sent 40 people into the worst day of their life: suddenly unemployed in the middle of a pandemic

and clearly theres not just a mountain of dollar bills in his basement, six billion strong.

but come on.

come the fuck on.

how is this not heartless, selfish, fucking shitty behavior

the type that the best newspaper west of manhattan would call out if it was being done by any other billionaire in town.

ive seen them do it.

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