how i procrastinate, even on sundays when i should be resting?

let me count the ways:

i read facebook, twitter, instagram

i think of good things to post on facebook, twitter and instagram.

when i run out of those things i think about blogging.

today i need to transcribe an interview, an hour long whopper where every question and answer was perfect because the subject is a veteran journalist and im a long time wanna be.

i want it to be good and tomorrow im gonna be super busy because it’s 4/20 and i have to write the news, be part of a Zoom meeting, and hopefully write the story that im gonna be transcribing all night.

then i have to socialize the news and the 4/20 story

then i have to take the pretty girl to the pharmacy to get her insulin and then i have to go to the Valley because

Ginos East, my favorite pizza place, is making pizzas for $4.20.

its all a trick, you gotta buy a big one for regular price to get the little cheese one for $4.20

so i was thinking about buying the pizza for some nurses and eating the cheese myself.

thats something my momma taught me to do way back during the pandemic of 1918

which for some reason trump thinks happened in 1917.

maybe because that movie was so good.

as are you.

as is this weather.

as is the chicago bulls documentary which has me motivated to be the best i can be.

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