this dream will fade

yes I realize it’s 419am

I have now interviewed a model, a cam girl, and another

they were all so nice. so sweet.

was that their game face? are they that happy? Maybe?

I’m mostly happy but there are moments.

It’s funny. Some girls I’d date and I’d think they’d be great but they’d probably try to force me to be more this or that.

But then I realize I do that to ppl.

I’m a terrible hypocrite. Which is why I try to clamp it down whenever possible.

Stick to the Bible. Love your neighbors. Do unto others.

Be cool.

Maybe my favorite is give to the beggars.

You won’t ever go poor doing that in fact it makes me feel great. And for some reason it surprises them. Maybe bc I dress so badly?

Other day we gave a bunch of shrimp to a guy buy a Denny’s off ramp. That was great. Imagine you’re hungry then suddenly out a car is a guy saying like shrimp? And handing you all this peeled cold cocktail shrimp and that sauce?

I truly think God is with you when that happens and that’s why you feel good. That right there is the Holy Spirit.

He just loves that nice part.

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