people say Tom Morello reminds them of me

i wish.

all youve gotta do is listen to this guy for like 5 minutes and you’ll see he’s like no one in the world

is more to the Left than Bernie.

his mom is a communist.

his music in rage is Noise + punk rock + metal in a quasi rap band.

Bruce Springsteen has 4 guitar players on stage and yet asked Tom to go on tour with him.

i’d also like to know how many black dudes from Libertyville, IL graduated with honors from Harvard.

Me? I organize baseball cards on Sundays after watching church on YouTube.

but would i love to interview Tom Morello one day?

oh hell yes.

one thing from this interview id like to ask him about is

if his mom is half italian and half irish, why did she identify her family as

A Black family?

the dad means everything?

the way the child looks is the determinate feature?

tomorrow, i believe, i will have a Q&A up on Los Angeleno with an incredible woman and we talk about race for most of it.

i am cautious about calling people or things racist, but she’s not, and neither is Tom.

maybe i am being too politically correct?

or maybe i just have a much higher standard for what i deem to be racism.

and flat out racist, that, to me, means that they have acted in that manner for more than a short period of time, or in more than just short bursts.

I went to 80+ SF Giants games when i sold beers there in 1997. before that i went to a few games when i was there in the summer.

but am I a Giants fan? nope.

is it wrong to think that way when quickly rushing to judgement about who is a racist and who isn’t?

Circumstances should be considered. Situations.

fortunately i have the ability to look into people’s hearts to see what they’re really up to.

which is maybe why i should return to HR and Recruiting.

one field i have an incredibly good track record,

i believe is due to that super power.