had a good day, which is rare lately

children of the future, the masked woman on the right is Cher

probably the first armenian american superstar. oscar and grammy winning fashionista.

she wants to save the post office.

we tried to volunteer this week.

they wouldnt let her.

so she went down to the post office with signs and started a little rally.

she wasnt thrilled with the turnout so she went on Twitter and said, lets do it again next week.

so i took this picture and i put it on the Los Angeleno twitter and this troll started trying to troll me.

but my middle name is howdareyou and i gave him the whats for. and because Cher was tagged on it she eventually saw it and made a little joke about one of my tweets and that pretty much made my day. my week even.

then amber came home with burritos. then we got the AC to work. then everyone took showers and then we watched a little of the Wire. and then we held hands in bed and said sweet things to each other.

and as i was saying sweet things to her she passed out.

but i kept saying things.

first i listed all the girls i had kissed in my apartment.

its been 20 years and i look like a runway model so you can only imagine how long that went on for.

then i said alexa turn off the lights

but i couldnt go to sleep. it was only 1am. last night i didnt get to sleep till 6.

so i went into the living room and played with the baseball cards.

played with the cats.

watched a guy catch baseballs at the all star game.

and thanked the Good Lord for my good life.

no ride is fun if its just straight and normal and without any thing to take yr breath away.

tomorrow i finish this thing ive been slaving over for a month.

sometimes it takes a while.