everyone says talking to strangers online is a waste of time

but im not so sure.

first off, lots of the people i dont like

would never talk to people on say twitter

especially using their own names.

and who wants to be like the people you dont like?

also how are you going to know about people unless you talk with them?

i have had a great time at Los Angeleno because ive been able to talk with people all over town and they have surprised me every time.

that time i met a couple trump supporters in south LA

that time i had a hard time finding anyone happy that their street got turned into Obama Blvd.

and that time i couldnt find one Uber driver in the whole, crowded LAX rideshare lot who wanted to be an employee of Uber. they said theyd rather quit.

today i wrote about a guy who is a super famous tiktoker who is raking in millions and has handed out pizza to Black Lives Matter protesters, and even built a school in Bali for 200 kids.

and as above, when you talk to people they’ll tell you surprising things.

or at least it surprises me.

this guy says that when he started, after just a few videos, since nobody really clicking his stuff, he was going to quit.

he was going to go home and live with his mom in nyc.

but he was so broke he didnt have enough money to go home.

so as he saved up what he was earning at his dumb job,


and as that fateful church street chinese restaurant fortune cookie once said

a flower blooms brightest right before it dies.

and one of the videos he put up when he just didnt give a crap about any more

went viral.

for some reason it took me weeks and weeks to put that story together.

i was blocked. so blocked.

for two weeks my car has been in the shop.

i have zero distractions.

why would i be blocked to tell a sweet tale about a very nice man?

i just was.

sometimes theres no answer for it.

sometimes you just are.

so imma transcribe this next piece right now

if i dont get distracted talking to the people.