do you know how long ive been doing this?

writing to you? whoever you are?

telling you the news of the day. the thoughts in my head? my dreams my wishes my annoyances?

when i was in high school i started a diary. it turned into three or four.

it would have been interesting if this blog was like that:

“today dawn colvin winked at me. blew my mind.”

“today the Cubs lost. those bastards!”

yesterday the Black Panther died.

people are sad. and they should be. even though he had been struggling with cancer for years, very few knew about it.

43 years old.

it makes you wonder about all the other people who are fighting actual fights.

not just twitter battles.

not just road rage bickerings.

not just bad neighbors doing weird parking maneuvers during a pandemic.

but real life shit.

shit that would scare the hell out of you if you paid attention.

i cant stop paying attention.

im locked in.