dear tony, can you lose yr magic juice?



anything magic is a gift from above that we have zero control over.

not that control is not an illusion

but we have less control over gifts.

sometimes you get a tie

sometimes you get a sweater

and sometimes you get the exact same thing youve always wanted.

more attention should be made about

how will i use this incredible tool i hope to one day have

and will it help the most amount of people?

instead of omg i want i want.

i have been in situations where i was waiting and waiting for the ball

and then i dropped it.

fortunately there were few spectators.

but still.

and others i got it

and not only did the right thing

but added a little soul.

those things all were boosted by magic from above

but i was even ready for that.

dear reader you will never lose your magic juice

but sometimes like in exodus theres gonna be feast

and theres gonna be famine.

its great to be prepared for both.

but today i heard there were blackouts all over town because of the heat.

so i say, hey baby, lets make sure we know where all the flashlights and candles are

she said i threw out all your candles.

and i looked around and

she wasnt lying.

sure glad we had that discussion tonight

and not in the middle of a blackout.


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