i got what i wanted

i wanted to get the hell out of dodge.

i wanted to recharge my batteries.

i wanted a second floor suite with a nice view and a cheap price.

i wanted the air to be so warm that at midnight, topless, you could just lay down on the outside couch and stare at the stars and scribble notes of world domination down in your 19 year old notebook.

and it didnt want it to cost an arm and a leg

and i wanted to dangle my feet in a pool

and i wanted to escape the unhealthy air of LA

and somehow i wanted to avoid the COVID

fortunately i know a guy

technically shes a she and because she remains friends with everyone she works with

we were able to get a great deal and i used the money ive been socking away every two weeks

for the last two years

so i didnt even feel it.

savings, what a concept.

we ate well, we stayed up all night, we had the AC up so high it was cold in the room

a huge novelty for us.

for a while we would sit outside then sit inside then sit back outside when it got too frosty.

i was also doing this thing where i wasnt using my phone or going on social media

the first couple of days were no big deal.

but then some crazy things happened, and also amber didnt like me running around without a phone.

she likes to see where i am and she wants to be able to call me if shes in trouble

or if im in trouble

which is sweet.

but it made the experiment harder.

eventually i got sucked back into social media because it’s amazing and breaks news and teaches me junk.

but i did learn a lot from this week in regard to social and my phone.

  1. i use it way too much and i can get distracted by it
  2. i waste time fighting with people on it
  3. i dont need it as much as i thought
  4. theres more to life
  5. i concentrate better on things when my phone isnt near me
  6. i miss my momma when i dont have a phone
  7. even though Waze is great, i know how to get there
  8. the Benz navigation is bad but it does the trick
  9. so much of social is personal/professional advertising and not enough support
  10. no phone means no pictures. i loved not having my phone. i didnt love taking fewer pics.

the most wonderful surprise came at the AAA office about 3 miles from the hotel

i have had an expired registration for my car since May

i tried to make it happen via the mails but the DMV has been closed and they said i was late


so i sent them a second check and a letter saying i thought the mayor said you cant charge me more because the DMVs are all closed

and they never wrote me back. they didnt say i was late. but they also didnt send me anything.

i  was in limbo. i was screwed and they wouldnt let me do anything online.

meanwhile the DMV had 4 hour wait times.

i knew AAA could help on some things, but when i popped my head in there they were so nice and so prepared for exactly this type of thing, simply via my ID

$105 later and i had my registration and i was so happy you have no idea.

i did screw up and brought along some work which is always a good idea when you want to be productive

but the next time i go i am going to make sure to bring shorts,

two pairs of socks, two shirts,

a big portable speaker,

and my tooth brush

anything extra is silly.

we had a spiritual breakthrough too, which maybe we can talk about one day.