of course id pack the court

with black women.

id put 3 or 4 in there.

everything else is politicized. everything else is bastardized. why not for a little while we have one place that is more diverse than the others and

omg see what happens.

they say dont pack the court because the public doesnt like it.

so the public likes a president who lies 20k times, who doesnt support the troops, who plays footsies with the enemy, who disparages the fbi cia post office football players etc etc etc?

sure seems like at least 50-60 million of our friends and neighbors have no problem with that.

but america would lose its mind if the court looked like america? or worse: a little more black than america looks?

the top 40, the nba, the nfl, gospel choirs, and soul food restaurants look more black than america looks and guess what, people fucking love those things, so why would it be any different for the highest court in the land?

if i was president i would do all the good things that should have been done long ago and watch people lose their minds.

we are here for a short period of time.

tom petty is dead.

tom petty was here, did his thing, fought some good fights, grew as a man, renounced confederate flags (and his use of them on tour) well before it became a thing on msnbc.

and then he died.

he died lovable. he died after not only making the heartbreakers huge, and his own solo career huge

but also making the travelling wilburys an unexpected masterstroke

what will be your unexpected masterstroke

what will be the thing that you do that people will say, yeah it makes sense but i didn’t really see it coming?

mine wont be packing the court.

but it will be something.