the pete sousa movie is incredible

i cried.

and it was inspiring.

one thing i have always admired with politicians is how they can remember peoples names.

if im ever in an office again i want to make a little game out of remembering everyones names because even though i try to be friendly with everyone, probably the greatest show of respect is to remember everyones names.

i just get so scared that i will say mary instead of juanita or something.

the other thing i loved about the film was Pete said he was on call 24/7 for 8 years.

it reminded me of this hollywood agent i watched a few interviews with.

he has a max of 30 clients and he has a simple rule with them, if he calls them and they don’t pick up or call back ASAP, it’s over between them.

likewise, even if he’s giving an interview, his ground rule is he will always pick up or text back ASAP if they contact him.

so even in his interviews he is checking his phone constantly.

because of that, he’s a renowned agent and people are fighting to be repped by him if someone falls off.

i’d like to be that reliable to someone.

i would like the people i work with feel like they are as important to me as if obama texted them.

why not?

even at my busiest, really, how many phone calls did i get?

it can be done.

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