today was sad for Cub fans for two reasons

first the Cubs announced they would be letting Kyle Schwarber join free agency.

Schwarber the loveable pudgy catcher who was moved to outfield once Willson Contreras developed into a flashy all star.

Schwarber the heart of the team that, like a cow, had several stomachs that were also hearts.

Schwarber who once hit a ball so far that it landed ontop of a scoreboard and instead of trying to take it down, the grounds crew built a little glass case around it so it could live there forever.

then the Twitter leaked the news that Len Kasper, the mild mannered announcer who often said how much he loved WGN because unlike other outlets didn’t force he and JD to wear shirts and ties.

but then the Cubs ownership created its own Cubs network… and made the boys wear ties.

so he quit and allegedly got picked up by the enemy, the White Sox.

is life terrible?

sometimes, yes. very much so.

but sometimes life is beautiful and these two men gave us so much joy

so much life

so much hope

and i am so grateful to them for that.



2020 will probably be the year i’ve blogged here the least

let’s list the reasons this was probably the case

  • i wrote a buttload on Los Angeleno
  • pandemics aren’t fun
  • often when i work from offices i’ll blog when im bored
  • any time i had a good idea i’d either write it for work or tweet it
  • i struggled writing for Los Angeleno many nights, so for damn sure i wouldnt blog and take whatever magic was left for this old friend
  • my favorite things to blog about — sports, movies, and concerts — were practically non existant
  • i wrote politics mostly on facebook where others could easily share in the discussion
  • im not the blogger i once was