a lot of people were super nice to me today

carolyn and ben and A’magine and especially ken layne who talked to me for so long

im not a phone talker anymore but i had such a hard morning that i got on the horn and yapped

i needed, most of all, to know that i was not alone in this galaxy

which is funny because Ken is a UFO expert.

and during our epic convo he asked me if i had ever seen an alien

i had to admit that i had not, but i told him about an outer body experience i had

which he says counts but he was being generous.

sometimes i think the aliens arent going to be the space creatures we imagine

but people who vote by the millions for dudes who dont deserve their support

like how are so many poor people voting for republicans who dont give them covid checks?

are the poor aliens?

and you know, maybe the dems should just concede abortion if thats the only thing thats keeping people from voting for them

i know they got mad at obama for helping poor people have access to health care, but at this point why not try some tom foolery with abortion rights, federilly, and say its all states rights and if Arizona wants to say you cant have abortion there then we all chip in to fly women from AZ to CA to let them do with their bodies as they wish.

meanwhile after a while millions of people just have no more excuse to support a party that the klan supports.

are the klan aliens too?

wouldnt that be spectacular if they were?

it would make way better sense.

cuz right now why would a white guy *hate* black people? we are the victims. shouldnt it be the other way around? blacks worked free for 400 years, why hate us?

but if racists are aliens because in a galaxy far far away they got their ass beat by a planet of black folks who were mean to them, then yes i could understand. but this shit right here is confounding.

ken and i talk about once a year because hes not a phone talker much neither, same as ben

we’re just dudes who do our own thing and every blue moon

which today was

we’ll text first and say can i call you

and the other guy will say is everything ok?

and we’ll say, in this economy? ha!

and then we’ll blab for a couple hours and be grateful of long friendships built in mutual admiration and it would have been a great podcast but fuckit some things are just right the way they are.

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