happy new year busbloggers

as you can tell from the image on the right, my production here on the world famous busblog has diminished year over year.

i barely got 200 posts on here last year.

true, i wrote 100 posts on Los Angeleno, but that’s no excuse.

this is my baby. this is my soul.

some call LAist my baby, and i can see that a little but even then it was the product of a group home. now it’s at a boarding school.

well the busblog is finished with finishing school.

i dont math well but i think the busblog becomes legal this year.

which is crazy.

everythings crazy.

luckily everything’s been crazy for a long long time. so we just have to read books to figure out how to pilot this riverboat down the mighty mississip.

and heres how we get that number back up in the 500s where it belongs.

first imma stop twittering so much.

and maybe slow down on facebook.

why give Zuck all my content?

he aint need it.

my problem is i go where the interactions are. and in social media the people respond.

for a long time on this blog people would just basically say omg tony you are so great. and you know, that never got old.

so i kept blogging because as someone with low self esteem, that was like sunlight to a plant. it would perk me up.

now i resort to likes and retweets, which is fine because it helped me learn how to get those for the jobs i had worked for.

but theres something unique about blogging, something that transcends the good people saying omg love you.

for example right now i have a cat napping on my thigh while The Seeds play on my Alexa “Daisy May”.

i read something great the other day that i wanna try to a smaller extent.

the great drummer ?estlove said he tries to listen to 100 new songs (new to him) every day. he just listens to something then scrolls down to what his streaming service says is similar to that song. and he repeats that 100 times.

me, imma ask Alexa to play a band i really dont know. Today i said The Seeds.

way better than i expected.

its cold today in this house, im wearing my Buzznet hoodie. im thinking about turning up the heat.

im thinking i should figure out a way to post 2x a day.

it’s not hard.

im not trying to be shakespeare.

and yes i am just trying to up my numbers.

but maybe in trying… something good will come.

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