finished this thing

the feeling of relief is real.

lessons i learned:

  • no social media for 90 minutes if im not making progress.
  • no walks, showers, or “cleaning” if i havent added even one sentence to the Thing yet that day
  • the devil doesnt want you to do it and will do everything to stop you
  • the Lord does want you to do it but He just chillin seeing if you the real deal
  • white castle fries only come in one size.

when i was done i sent it a boss i had 21 years ago!

i figured that since she has kids, it was late, and my thing was over 50 pages she would blow off even skimming it until tomorrow.

but in no time she had written me this:

Tony, this is AMAZING! I absolutely enjoyed every page of it, and I learned a lot!

I have a couple of (super minor) editorial suggestions for you, but it’s just little stuff.  We can chat tomorrow morning if you like, but this is a fantastic, creative, informative, entertaining piece, and I think that it will be very well received!

that is what i needed!

so then i looked back at it to see if it had transformed into something incredible and boom right at the top i see a mistake. so hopefully that was one of the things she was talking about.

but wow. i have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and i got positive reinforcement from someone who is an expert in the field and whose advice i totally value.

what was it?

i wrote a thing about social media, brand building and recruiting in a global industry with lots of competitors.

i kept it real because who cares any more.

like really.

lou reed’s birthday was yesterday and arent we happy that he kept it real?

i need to learn why he was so angry so often even though he was always surrounded by great artists, musicians, music, and life

but whatever. maybe people will ask why was i so happy when so many things didnt turn out for me.

BECAUSE SO MANY DID, future people!