this is the boomtown rats with mark bolan

mark bolan is trex.

i met t-rex’s son, roland.

roland bolan was very nice.

didnt need to be,

coulda just said, touch me i am here because of trex.

instead he said, hi my name is roland, ready to watch Tsar?

trex had a song called calling all destroyers.

tsar had a song called calling all destroyers

and james gunn put it at the beginning of his movie Super

a couple years after james did Super he did a little movie called

Guardians of the Galaxy

then Guardians of the Galaxy 2

and in august his new movie will come out called The Suicide Squad

today i was signing up to see a therapist because i have insurance now

actual conversation:

have you been feeling lately anxious or worried?

we’re in the tail end of the plague.

correct. do you sleep well?

yes, i go to sleep around 5 and wake up around 10 or 11. today it was 9.

you don’t smoke medical marijuana do you?

im gonna stop.


it used to help me go to sleep.

doesn’t seem to be working?

thats why im calling you.

the hospital called at the end of an interview i was conducting with the man in charge of the police in hollywood.

now typically i am not an anxious man.

id say it was because i played sports and in the band as a child and when you have to perform in front of crowds, and especially if youre the only one with a giant afro

pressure aint no thing by the time you grow up

but i was a bit nervous about this interview

because i was about to ask him about some bad things about his men and women.

and we only had a half hour scheduled.

for some reason i do better with an hour.

but we hit it off right away because we are both professionals.

i treated him respectfully and he didn’t give me a bunch of hype.

it was actually refreshing how little bullshit he gave me.

i am trying to talk with a giant food brand right now and the load of crap they have shoveled my way is shocking because — im not even asking them anything controversial.

with this captain i was talking about illegalities, deaths, social media. serious business.

and then i had to talk to this therapist assistant.

i said i am having a hard time concentrating. i first thought it was because my gf and i were fighting a lot because we were both unemployed and she had to be in a small apartment with me all day and im great in small doses. but 24.7? even the cats are like, no its cool.

i think she said we will give you so much adderall.

i was like, when?

she was all, it takes 4 months just to get tested to see if its right for you.

i was all ???

she was like i know, everyone in LA thinks they’re losing their minds right now, so theres a line.

and ive never felt more kinship to this beautiful city.


what im doing is writing first then seeing who wants it

if no one wants it, then i put it on Medium.

the good thing about Medium is lets say it takes off in a month, you get paid.

lets say it takes off in a year. you get paid.

if you give it to someone else you only get paid then and never again.

one thing i learned from record labels is: the majority of the money they reap is on the back catalogue.

even though the attention and hype is about the new releases, they actually make more on the long tail. all those classic records still get sold. maybe not hundreds of thousands a week, but enough that when you add them all up it keeps the lights on, for sure.

why shouldnt writing be the same way?