imma teach pets how to do selfies

good mood today

could be a great mood in one month. maybe less than one month.

the other day i picked up a modem/router at best buy and installed it.

am i a genius?


then i got one of my lights to obey my vocal commands and tomorrow i’ll figure out the others.

amber texted me very upset the other day

called me all these names

all while asking a favor of me.

it was not easy for her to be my girlfriend during the lockdown

it was incredibly emotional for both of us. and draining. and just sad.

i only want the best for her. i pray every day for her.

and im sorry i didnt have my shit together and a bigger place for us.

we were squished in a little place during the plague

poor. scared. no freedom.

there will be movies about this time period and they will be sad.