every day for the last month ive been trolling the LA city atty

so if i die, investigate his ass.

im on him because he refuses to drop the charges on an LA Taco reporter who was just doing his job the night the Dodgers won the world series.

only problem was, this journalist captured video of the LAPD going wild on the crowd in the streets.

months later the cops mailed this reporter a citation saying he didn’t leave the area when he was instructed to.

huge problem with that. the constitution doesnt say “there is a freedom of the press unless the cops say fuck this, y’all need to go home now.”

in part because sometimes, as we have seen, the cops go apeshit when the shit’s going down and the only people who can check them IS the press. so no.

just last month a journalist in Iowa was aquitted for a similar so-called offense of not dispersing even in conservative ass Iowa the jury only needed two hours to uphold the constitution.

so why is the City Attorney going forward on a case he knows he has no chance of winning?

because he is running for mayor and wants the cops on his side.

even though by doing this, every journalist (rightfully) thinks he’s a moron and gutless and a puppet for the LAPD.

meanwhile this journalist is a Hispanic – which are the majority in LA – so dude’s burning that bridge too.

and yes i remind him of all of these things every week, daily, in rebuttals to every dumbass thing he tweets

which is a lot because he and his staff tweet 3-4 times a day POORLY.

so if i die go after him.

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