today quentin tarantino bought the vista

do you know how many movies ive seen there?

soooo many.

one of the most unforgettable was watching the Lego Movie there.

sometimes its nice to watch a kids movie when some kids are there because its interesting to hear what they laugh at.

i was sitting in the back near a dad and his son. place was packed.

very good movie and when it was done the kid says dad can we get some Legos now?

which was the last thing on my mind but then i was like, was that the purpose of this?

selling legos?

and if it was, it worked perfectly on that little guy.

adults, we looked at it like: dont be boring, dont be a sheep, own who you are, and if you’re a basic bitch – own it.

but this kid probably wanted to be batman in his room via legos.

after i heard the news i tweeted that i hope QT keeps the Vista’s great manager who loves to cosplay.

whole lotta people seemed to agree.

which is nice.