Sometimes i dont wanna blog

But those times last hours not days.

20 years. Have always wanted to write.

today i interviewed the most interesting man. I know i say that after every interview i do and in many ways they are all my children, the interviews, not the people.

Although i love the people too. Very much.

He was about the same age as me and grew up in venice and i spent a lot of time in venice when i was 17 and 18 and 19 and i asked him about a dance club for underaged kids named after its address

It’s address was 321 Santa Monica Blvd so the club was simply called 321

I thought it was cool as could be even though it didnt really have any real features, it was just a medium sized place with a dance floor and a bar that sold soda

i dont even remember a back room or any decorations or anything

It was so simple and played the best music which was all new, lots of imports from England and all of it was, at the time, like hearing space age folk songs from alien creatures from the future who have come in peace.

And who was at the club?

The hottest teenage girls in all of LA

That’s who

The first time i went i just looked at the ground because holy shit

I drank my pop and ran home, forgetting i had parked my grandmas car in the parking lot

The next time i went i held up one of the walls with my back and tapped one foot for a lot of the night

Keep in mind i had come to LA having zero friends

After a few months i worked at McDonalds and i asked out this cute Mexican girl but every guy did, and she ended up dating a Mexican teen who could breakdance

He would literally break down a few Big Mac boxes and spread them out in the parking lot and break dance for her.

Was i tempted to learn to break dance?


But one night at 321 the smiths how soon is now came on

And the girls gasped and all ran out to the dance floor because secretly this was a super goth club which was another reason i loved it

I had black baggy parachute pants and black karate shoes which was a new wave thing that in a way replicated when girls would just wear basic flats

And then i had an oversized white poofy shirt with a very wide neck that i suppose could have been made to droop over a shoulder but that wasn’t me

Dancing in the middle of the floor wasn’t really me neither but when that song came on i ended up there and a million years later i still remember that clearly.

So when i asked this guy my age if he ever went to 321

And this was a Black guy

He put down his joint and looked at me quietly

I said, it was on 321 Santa Monica

And he continued to pause. I thought he was gonna tell me it was the lamest club in town, because this dude is ridiculously cool. A few minutes previous to that he showed me a picture on his phone of Lenny Kravitz in junior high.

Still silence. So i said, i think there’s a hooters there or something.

And he said

First place i ever played was 321.

I fucking felt like nardwaur

I am extremely tired

For 3 months I have been going full steam, made very little money, probably pissed off my friends, and bored everyone else

But I am so excited when the new episode goes up. And then I wanna make the commercial and then make another one.

I am the happiest i have been in so long and i feel like I’m being so self-indulgent somehow

Even though this is about other people.

Maybe i have now found a reason to want a shrink

Anyways i know this is a marathon. I know this is good.

And I also know i need to fix the website.

And by that i mean get off of Medium but i need to take some days off to do that

Which is also fine because the people i wanna interview cant do it for a little while

Problem is i have zero patience and im not that great at planning

And i just assumed everyone would say yes immediately for anything

And not just most ppl.

Tomorrow all im gonna do is make commercials and try to get unemployment on the horn

it’s 2am. I am expecting a call in 8 hours.

if i get that call i need to drive an hour away to do an interview.

but i never am asleep at this hour.

so i am going to watch tv.

like a normal person.

even though all i wanna do is work.

i have not been this workaholic since i was first doing uber.

i remember once being at alis friends’s house on new years eve and i was checking my watch the whole time because all i wanted to do was drive

all i wanna do is make youtube videos for the podcast.

heres what i made on friday


whats the narrative of your life right now?

they say there should always be a story in your head about yourself

and you should def be the hero

although lots of times when i hear ppls stories theyre the victims

when i tell people about Hear in LA sometimes they’ll say oh you mean like People of New York?

but that thing, as good as it is, is often victim stories

which if thats your narrative, ok, but every sad song on the radio is a victim story

i want to hear about what happens after the clouds part

and youve survived the storm

what did you do with your second lease on life?

who did you help?

what did you add?

at the begining of the Plague, miley cyrus was being interviewed about her love life

she said she was single and looking but she wanted someone who could

bring something to the table

which might be tough when its the miley cyrus table

but should it be?

you dont think miley wants things outside of money fame power and funny clothes?

you dont think theres something deeper than

what magazine pages tells us?

im pretty sure that if you are a child star who actually makes it as an adult star

all the things in Star magazine mean nothing to you

because youve seen how shallow they are IRL

and at the end of the day you still have to crawl into bed with not just that


but with you.

and you know whassup

does miley want me and not know it

yes, but what will miley bring to my table

do i even have a table?

i do, it holds my toaster

the world is hotter than ever, it’s on fire

and on the east coast it’s about to get walloped with rain and flooding

meanwhile here in the west we are trying to ignoring a terrible drought.

in the middle east all hells breaking loose

and here in the land of the free people are doing their best to stay ignorant about this covid thing

on top of that things are more expensive than ever

buying a house in california is damn near impossible for an honest man

and the list can go on and on and on

it makes me a little bit happy about not bringing children into this world because wtf

they dont deserve this

and how are they supposed to fix it

but this is how crazy i am

if the right woman said omg tony pierce

in the right way

for the right amount of time

id do the not right thing

and poor little babyblog would be born

into this toilet earth

which is why i really hope God is up there

and i hope we are truly forgiven

i went to the food bank

i talked with Glen for close to an hour.

such a great guy.

he told me about his dad and how he met his mom in Taiwan

and how he was in the air force

and how he bought this motel and is gonna fill it with homeless people

and teach them great things

and then he asked me what i was up to

i told him about this community fridge i finally found near my apartment

he gave me extra food to put in there.

even a case of beer!

(i kept have the beer for myself)

i went outside today

brought the trash cans in

then stayed inside the rest of the day seeing if anyone liked my thing

crazy result:

only three people said anything

even though hundreds saw it.

best reaction was from the interviewee who said

it was excellent, and it made him cry.

i had such a hard time advertising it because i didn’t want to exploit the tragedy

i just hoped they could make it to 20 minutes in.

hans did!


today i didnt jump for joy after making a video

i procrastinated all day

talked to two homeless guys

talked to my mom

walked around

wrote a blog post about getting vaxxed

three of my friends are not vaxxed and one of them wanted to push my buttons about my stance.

finally i got around to doing work

why do i procrastinate THAT?

i know why

because i am so scared it wont take off one day

and i’ll have to go back and do crappy work

with bosses who dont appreciate me

and then that’ll be it with my life

granted, thats a lot of pressure to put on a dumb podcast

and maybe thats one reason i do everythign i can to make it rock

instagram, website, videos,

on top of the podcast

and its not dumb, fyi

the one that drops today will be the most emotional one yet

but will people notice?

will they say i was good?

the man was crying and i — was i sensitive?

they say Libras are the worst people to cry around because we dont have emotions

we cant. we’re supposed to be the rock in the storm

the center of the hurricane.

and i’ll tell you this much: i fucking love being the center of the hurricane

rage, dude



Recently on Instagram & Facebook I have put up some posts that have raised some questions from some very good people.

I will address them here.

Tony, how does the vax help you from spreading it to your neighbors? The only people I know who have gotten it lately are people who are vaccinated. And they are also the ones that have not been wearing masks n are socializing a lot.

According to the World Health Organization, getting vaccinated helps your body prepare for when it really gets attacked by the virus.

When our body receives a tiny version of the disease it fights it off and not only creates antibodies but when it is met again with the disease – even in a more powerful form – it has a memory of the initial engagement and is able to fight the disease again much quicker.

Not everyone can receive vaccinations, though. This makes it more important for those of us who can to do so in order to raise the herd immunity.

Forcing anyone to do anything with their body is not love. FEEL into it and tell me different.

I know this might sound like I am dismissing your statement, but I swear I am not.

I don’t believe I can force anyone into doing anything. Likewise I don’t think anyone can force me into doing things I don’t want to do. What I am doing is what I have done from the moment I could read and write: I am sharing my opinion about things.

I am very sorry if it feels like I am forcing my beliefs onto you. I know I can often have strong opinions. I am not as nuanced as those who I admire.

When you say get the jab or die, are you acting from love or are you spreading fear and trying to control using a mask of love?

If you are referring to this cartoon I posted. My caption to it is “Is this where we’re at?”

I was truly asking a question.

But really it is a question less about those who choose not to get vaxxed but those of us who are in angst thinking about our friends and neighbors who are not getting vaxxed. For so many people, including myself, this isn’t even a debatable proposition: there’s a deadly thing out there, scientists around the world worked together to fight it, it’s here in the nick of time, get the shot.

But now there’s this unprecedented aversion to getting the shot by many and Everyone seems stressed out. So when I saw that cartoon I saw it as “just give up on the battle, Tony. People are adults. They have made countless decisions that have worked out. Don’t fight it.”

Thus I asked, “is this where we’re at?” aka acceptance that if the worst outcome happens it wont hurt us as much because we have already washed our hands to it.

Do you really love your neighbor no matter what choices they are making or do you want to control them, pretending to care cuz really you just want to get back to your life? Maybe the higher “test” here is about actually loving your neighbor, as they are. About choosing to love despite difficult circumstances. Choosing to act as a unifying force in love and not creating more fear, divide and control w your words.

My next door neighbor voted for Trump, listens to right wing conspiracy theory YouTube stuff, and watches Fox News. Only because his job made him do it did he get jabbed. But I love him for many reasons. We have a shared love of classic rock, for example, that I try to focus on whenever the discussion goes to politics.

My church recently had a sermon about the line in Matthew about loving our neighbor and loving our enemies. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus basically says big deal if you love those who already love you… “if you love those who love you, what reward have you?”

Loving those who are different than us is one of the signs … to the world… that we are following in Jesus’s path. I did not consciously do that with my neighbor. But the church was talking about Trump supporters in general and how we should do our best to try not to demonize them or anyone who does not share in our beliefs.

Broader, I do care about my neighbors. Those who live in a controversial church, those who hog up the parking, those who talk trash about California. But I don’t give myself credit for that. I feel like I was born with it. I am always trying to look at the good in people. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism so I don’t slide into a dark EMO abyss. But I do love people – and am not pretending to do so in this case.

We are all going to die. I just don’t want it to be from something relatively easily preventable.

But bigger than that — if the ICUs and hospitals are packed with COVID patients, most of whom are not vaccinated, and people who are rushed in that ER for heart attacks, stabbings, gun shot wounds, accidents, and other emergencies are not able to get a bed bc of the COVID patients… that makes me incredibly sad.

What would Jesus do? I’m not religious but I know what coercion feels like, I know fear, I know control. I also know what Covid feels like as an essential worker. I choose love.

I have no idea what Jesus would do. Even though I have read the Good Book several times, Jesus was a complicated person who not only spoke in parables but did unexpected things.

That’s why I usually revert back to his final commandment. I do this because I feel like he was just as confused with Earth and humans as humans were confused by him. Ultimately he sorta threw his hands up and said, you know what, fuck everything else… just love each other. Love each other like I have loved you.

Again I don’t believe I am capable of making anyone do anything. Otherwise I would have a ton more Patreons on my podcast 🙂

I think that my love language is… language. I call them how I see them. In public. Every day. Often about silly matters. Sometimes about serious things. This is very serious.

Do you know you have friends who are not vaccinated? [names redacted] Do u think that u are better able to make our choices for us? 

I do know about one of them. I was not aware of the others.

I will tell you a little secret. I feel I have zero influence in the world. I have the lowest self esteem of anyone you know. When I write in this blog how blown away I am by something, or grateful that this or that thing happened to me… even decades later… it is because I am still amazed that it happened to me. Girls kissing me, jobs working out, awards being handed to me, the Cubs winning the World Series… very few of those things feel real to me. Those are things that happen to others, not me.

Therefore I, in no way, feel like I know better. All I know is what I see and read and trust.

In this instance it appears that the data is overwhelmingly one-sided: it is safer to get vaccinated than to not get vaccinated.

But one difference about me than most people: I seem to be less afraid to state my opinions in public and have open conversations with Everyone than your average bear. Therefore I don’t see why I should change that pattern on this matter… one that has affected life on Earth more than any one thing in our lifetime.

Tony, for years I have known that your diet is not of the highest nutritional value. That is known to cause early death and all numbers of problems. Do you want to be forced to “eat right” or do you appreciate the fact that we don’t know your body and we love your quirks and….let you live your life.

It is true that I am not the healthiest eater. Over the years I have made progress, but it is only because of friends and loved ones constantly nudging me and talking with me and cooking good things and pushing me.

Sometimes it really does take a village. I love my village and I love you for keeping it real. Two of my neighbors are vegans and we talk about that life all the time. My assistant at the LA Times is a vegan and taught me soooo much.

None of them can force me to eat right. But by their example and by their conversations with me, I am on a far better path than where I was. Thank God for all of them.

Controlling people to make the world “safe” is an illusion and is not love. The only reason I reach out to you to say this is cuz…I know you do love and I know that you are not pig headed or abusive in your debates. Are you creating more compassionate unity or are you creating more division  and judgement w your words? And apparently on the other side of that illusion stands people you know and love. 

Again I don’t believe I can control anyone. I can’t even control myself! I should have been working on work this afternoon but I am writing this because I have huge respect for these questions and those who are asking them.

I have no idea if I am creating compassionate unity or division. Obviously I don’t want to divide. I am not so naive to think my words do absolutely nothing. But in a weird way I look at them as butterflies: they go wherever they go and I have zero control over where they land and if they inspire people or repulse them.

All I know at the end of the day is I am driven to write down what I think as honestly as I can and as clearly as I can.

In that sense I am trying to lead by example. I am not saying my beliefs are The Way, I am suggesting that having an open dialogue will lead to the compassionate unity I think you are talking about… whereas the lack of communication can lead to division and judgement.

Thank you soooo much for engaging with me and not letting these questions fester inside.