I am extremely tired

For 3 months I have been going full steam, made very little money, probably pissed off my friends, and bored everyone else

But I am so excited when the new episode goes up. And then I wanna make the commercial and then make another one.

I am the happiest i have been in so long and i feel like I’m being so self-indulgent somehow

Even though this is about other people.

Maybe i have now found a reason to want a shrink

Anyways i know this is a marathon. I know this is good.

And I also know i need to fix the website.

And by that i mean get off of Medium but i need to take some days off to do that

Which is also fine because the people i wanna interview cant do it for a little while

Problem is i have zero patience and im not that great at planning

And i just assumed everyone would say yes immediately for anything

And not just most ppl.

Tomorrow all im gonna do is make commercials and try to get unemployment on the horn