somethings will break your heart

but hearts dont really break. thank God.

they ache maybe. but thats from greasy food.

what we mean by heart breaking is actually a feeling and an emotion that heals quickly and easily

usually it revolves around love and longing and fond memories and

endings that didn’t end the way we wanted them to

or how we thought they would.

but i can’t tell you one ending that ended the way i expected it to

not the good ones, not the bad ones, not the weird ones, not the boring ones

seems to me these endings have a mind of their own

and i could huff and puff and scheme and tinker

but those endings are just LOL whatever tony

and they just do their own little freaky thing

so maybe i should get over this illusion of control

or this other nonsense that i can predict the future

and just accept What Is

and be happy we could all see it together.