i interviewed some rock stars i love very much today

one of them insisted we wear masks, so why not

we talked about so many different things and fortunately they all took turns and included each other so it was a very even mix, which is hard to do with rock bands with four members

i was very nervous though. which is fine

nervousness makes me feel alive.

it’s good to feel like somethings on the line.

for example, i am very interested in a booty call very soon from someone special

but im nervous because theres still a plague going on

what if i get her sick, what if she gets me sick?

is all of this worth it?

probably not.

but we have to live. we get to live.

i wanna live.

but what if this is how i go.

or, worse, what if it kills her? and i was responsible?

all because i wanted to feel another person for a little while?

i would never forgive myself.

thus i interview bands instead of hold hands with glam godesses.

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