i have had a lot of good days

five years ago today was one of the best because the Cubs won the world series

a phrase that i still dont really believe but i was in Chicago when it happened.

i went to game 4, then the parade, i saw it all.

and yet still.

if you read this blog closely you’ll see that a lot of it is positive.

i do that because i do tend to obsess over bad things when they happen

and on here i wanna make sure i am also giving focus to the good things

of which there are many.

sunday i took Michael to the Animal Hospital to get the feeding tube out of her neck

the doc said everythings cool.

today i called Spectrum to ask them why my internet keeps going in and out

they told me to call the Router company and i said fine, begungendly

and they fixed it.

had a nice long talk with mom as i got my steps in.

gave a homeless dude a buck.

ate an all vegetable dinner: mashed potatoes, broccoli. beyond sausage. and avocado.

asked a guy to put in a good word for Hear in LA

and got back to blogging.

thats a good day.

the best part was i felt crappy today around 4pm because of the covid booster shot i got yesterday

i cuddled up with Prince and passed out for a whopping 10 minutes

and i felt like a new man.

thanks Lord

i get my annual physical tomorrow.

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