gonna not do hear in LA for a bit

45,000 ppl got COVID this weekend in LA. why are we pretending that’s NBD?

if 45k got food poisoning this weekend we’d probably do something different. But no one is doing anything different.

I don’t mind doing some things differently. Especially if it’s the right thing.

The wrong thing is to run around, going into ppls homes and chatting them up.

The right thing is to make hearinLA.com a real website. And stay in my home.

and drink chocolate milk right out of the barrel.

Yesterday I was texting and walking down the stairs outside and I missed a step and wiped out. My phone went flying. I have no idea how I wasn’t hurt. Fell on concrete. Jeans were tight bc I’m fat.

Phone didn’t break bc this case is incredible. God’s my case and I’m grateful.

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