my lack of motivation is starting to worry me

the cats woke me up early today so i had to get up and put Michael into Laundry Room time out

it’s the only humane way i know to express my displeasure with the scratching of the door

sure theyre hungry, but either learn to use Door Dash or wait until I wake

i do wake every day. just wait. the food will be delivered.

in a way it’s actually good when they wake me early because that stops me from sleeping until 2pm.

but dont tell them this.

as soon as i wake i walk outside, look at the sun, inspect the parking in the street, judge people who park, and talk to the security across the street if theyre around.

today they were around.

it was a nice talk.

“rooting for the rams, tony?”

ah hellllll naw.

my neighbor who’s a nurse arrived while i was out there in my robe talking to the guards.

turned out she saved her BFs life by nagging him into getting vaxxed. months later he got covid but didnt die. he’s not grateful to her.

no one ever is.

last night i received a text message. a good friend wondered if i would do some freelancing for her company. we chatted for 45 minutes on the phone.

it was delightful.

you dont need millions of people to think you’re rad.

but it’s really nice when the ones who know you the best respect you enough to put their own reputation at work at risk to ask you to join forces.

and this job, as big or little as it may be or end up being, is right in my wheelhouse.

praise God.

maybe i was demotivated bc my body was all, fuck this shit im hibernating until Spring