heres a secret: there are some great restaurants in hollywood


i dont know why ali and i would call Jitlada

Breakup Thai

but i think at some point we realized it was so good that even if we broke up with someone, they wouldn’t mind because the food was delicious.

mark johnson and his wife were in town and they invited os and i to break some bread with them

plus i owed him some cash that i thought id have by now – and dont –

and paid him anyways because im no rat.

and it was so incredible this food

we asked for a medium sized three flavored fish and they gave us a large because theyre lovely people too

Jazz came out and introduced herself to everyone

i told her she was so good in the jenn harris video right around the time her dear brother died

she said jenn was with her that whole time

jenn is a food writer of the la times and her mentor jonathan gold loved jitlada

i mean breakup thai too.

so much

afterwards we had drinks at Ye Rustic like in olden times

super beautiful waitress served me double baileys

os ordered cheescake

i asked the waitress where she was from and she said

schaumburg, illinois

i said lets make out at woodfield

she said meet you in front of the Claires