nearly 20 years ago i wrote a very mean post

it was about bob costas of all people

i was shocked at how easily spite and hate eased out of me

it kept flowing

it was scary.

was there that much evil inside me?

and how was it married to so much creativity?

for the last 20 years ive done my best to be creative in the name of good

to tune into the radio station of the angels and saints

even if it isn’t as lively and funny and harsh.

sometimes its enough to know you could ball up your fist

so to speak

and take care of business.

you don’t have to show it off.

you dont have to do it for sport or for street cred.

only cred i want is with the man upstairs.

only applause i wanna hear is from the saved.

only muse i want in my ear

isnt fuled off fear.