have i told you theres a war going on?

i dont know how they’re doing it but the ukrainans are putting up a super good fight

and the best things that have happened is any time they capture a russian tank shoot down a tank

some dude in a John Deere tractor drives the thing to whereever

and everyone takes pictures.

fucking classic.

and if you ask me, great photo op for John Deere.

i had a fantastic conversation with an artist named Dalila

she told me so many things including how her mom and grandma reacted when she Came Out

(not well)

you think youve had some struggles in your life, and you have, but then you hear what other people have gone through

and how the closest people in their lives freaked out over it

and did the opposite of what you thought theyd do

and it makes you be so grateful for your life.

i am grateful for mine

and im especially grateful i get to do what i am doing now

and the ppl in my life support me

and all will be even better very soon.