a woman who worked at a russian news station protested today

she held up a sign during the nightly news that said

“Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. They’re lying to you.”

her name is Marina Ovsyannikova and i am in love with her.

i wish to marry her please.

i appreciate brave people who are not afraid to tell others the truth

Marina Ovsyannikova might actually be afraid for all i know

and she did it anyways.

Lord knows what the Russian police did to her, are doing to her, will do to her

because that news was the best way for Putin inc to spread their lies about how they weren’t invading Ukraine, that they were “denazifying” it.

the people in russia know, for the most part that Putin is lying to them

but from people i am seeing on YouTube, some dont

hell some in the USA still think Biden stole the election from their lord and savior DJT

people are weird, what can you do?

our brains are powerful and they wanna protect us from Death

so if it feels like it’s gotta tell fairy tales to cope with trauma,

then The Big Lie will emerge.

me, i just wanna marry Marina Ovsyannikova and teller every day that her bravery is inspriationional

that, to me, courage is the most admirable trait humans have

because its telling that omg omg brain part

‘imma let you finish but right now i gotta do the Right Thing.’