who am i?

i accomplished so much this weekend.

i wrote an email, left it in draft to see if i needed to send it.

sent it.

did part one of a blog post that has to go out Monday, then finished it today.

as planned? what?

i scheduled FIVE hear in LA interviews for this upcoming week.

am i nuts?

and then i saved the Oscars

whats crazy about that one is i got a lot of really good feedback telling me they either

loved the idea

or it would be stolen (good!)

or there were some good points in it.

a lot of time i get zero feedback for my wild ideas, but this one hit home

AND it was published on a Sunday at 5pm – a time “experts” say

is a terrible time to put anything online because ppl are not at work goofing off.

i have always said, good content will get shared no matter when you publish it.

and i stand by it.

ok gotta go to the val tomorrow for two of my interviews.