super full day

the day started when i uploaded the newest episode of Hear in LA

today is Season 5: Atwater Village

Sabrina See was so funny, so real, can’t wait to do the webpage this weekend

then I got interviewed on a podcast about race, hosted by a half vietnamese dude

it was on Zoom which i dont like but i liked the topic


then i sped to Larchmont Village to interview a real estate agent who i went to college with

she brought sandwiches i brought water we podcasted in her offices training room

it was 100x better than i expected hopefully that will come out in a month

there was this weed thing i was invited to. i wasnt sure if i wanted to go

but i was pumped from the two interviews and i had a mini baguette of a sandwich i hadnt eaten yet

i was relatively close to the grove so i said lets see what movie is there to kill 2 hours

because the weed thing was in santa monica and didnt start for 2 hours

turned out the apple store moved to a place with higher ceilings

because why?

saw the new sandra bullock rom com

it was cringe in parts and a little cheesy

but also a little good.

shes amazing

then said fuckit and went to the weed thing

ran into adam from the LA Times who we *just* were on twitter trying to arrange a time

he could be on the podcast and there he was

with his boss

and the weed company is actually a vape company

so they gave us a vape

and six boxes of weed things you put on the vape

interesting finger foods

free drinks

and free valet.

drove adam home

got home and tried the vape and we’ll see if i cough in the morning

because each puff made me cough

but i gotta say, the stuff works

and hasn’t kept me from being productive.

speaking of heres what ive got tomorrow

chinatown interview / doctors appt / phone interview / atwater village interview

then i have a lunch on saturday

for the record i do not really like to be doing This Much over three days

but if this vape works, it may be tolerable